Chris Neale

Chris Neale

Title: Researcher

Centre: York

    Chris Neale is a cognitive neuroscientist whose primary interest is using various neuroimaging methods to assess brain activity in middle aged to elderly populations. His research at SEI is concerned with correlating brain activity and stress levels with changes in environment.

    Chris has expertise in using EEG and fMRI imaging methods. His research interests, broadly speaking, concern improving quality of life for middle aged to elderly people and using novel neuroimaging methods to investigate the neural mechanisms underpinning cognition in these populations. He has extensive experience in recruiting a wide range of participants for use in clinical trials, designing and running experiments and analysing various data types. His lab work has seen him used neuroimaging methods, cognitive testing batteries, subjective measures of mood and mobile phone devices to assess 'real world' cognitive testing.

    Chris completed his PhD at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, assessing changes in attention and working memory due to a chronic nutraceutical intervention in a middle aged population, measured by fMRI and his own behavioural tasks. His project was funded by a competitive grant from the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.


    Distinctive research themes include: 

    Stress in middle/old aged participants
    Envrionmental effects on brain activity



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