Sulev Nõmmann

Sulev Nõmmann

Telephone: +372 53 311 618

Title: Senior Expert

Role: Environmental Economics Programme

Expertise: Marine environmental policy and maritime policy expert; marine ecosystem services; marine spatial planning; marine protected areas; integrated coastal zone management; economic and socal analysis; HELCOM and MSFD

Centre: Tallinn

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Sulev joined SEI Tallinn in November 2012 and is active in SEI Tallinn Environmental Economics Programme

Key competences
Marine Environmental Policy and Maritime Policy; Marine Ecosystem Services; Marine Spatial Planning; Marine Protected Areas; Integrated Coastal Zone Management; Economic and Social Analysis; HELCOM and MSFD; Multilateral Environmental Diplomacy

PhD in Systems Ecology, Stockholm Univesrsity (1990)

Work experience
Researcher in the Institute of Ecology and Marine Research of the Estonian Academy of Sciences; UN diplomat at the Permanent Mission of Estonia; Team leader and Coordinator of the cooperation between Union of the Baltic Cities and Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation network; Director of the Marine Environment Department, Ministry of the Environment of Estonia.


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