Anneli Sundin is working as a communication officer at SEI since December 2015. She supports research projects with advice, planning and delivery of professional communication activities, relevant for the outreach and audience of each specific project.

Prior to joining SEI in Stockholm, Anneli was working at SEI in Oxford as a Knowledge Manager and Communications Node. She was in charge of maintaining and expanding high quality content for the global climate adaptation platform weADAPT and developing its network of users (e.g. researchers, practitioners, planners, policy-makers, students etc.).

Anneli has a background in environmental science and sustainability, and has a broad understanding of concepts linked to resilience. She graduated from Stockholm University in 2013, where she studied the M.Sc. programme Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. In her under- and postgraduate dissertations, she has been studying climate impacts on vulnerable smallholder farmers in Eastern (Kenya) and Western (Burkina Faso and Niger) parts of Africa. Shortly after her degree she joined the Beijer Institute in Ecological Economics studying global interconnected human impacts on the biosphere.

Anneli has a passion for sustainable development, food and agro-ecology, but also in how to effectively communicate research in fun, creative ways that results in long-lasting impacts. Her special interest lies in storytelling and in developing her skills for photography. She is also a member of the board of Forskom – Sweden’s network for science communication.