Åsa Gerger Swartling

Mobile: +46 73 707 8559

Title: Capacity Development Director, Senior Research Fellow

Centre: Stockholm

    Åsa Gerger Swartling (PhD) specialises in participatory approaches to environmental management and policy. She has been employed at the SEI since 1994, where she holds a Senior Research Fellow position and has acted as a Theme Leader of the Transforming Governance theme (SEI Strategy 2010-2014). Åsa is SEI's Capacity Development Director, effective 1 September 2016.

    She is also an Affiliated Researcher of the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) and former Theme Co-leader of SRC’s research themes on Stewardship; Adaptive Governance of Social-Ecological Systems; and Knowledge Management, Learning and Social Networks.

    Over the years Swartling has been involved in, and led a number of research and consultancy projects dealing with stakeholder engagement, science-stakeholder interactions, science communication, learning, sustainability assessment, project evaluation and policy integration particularly in the areas of climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and natural resource management. Among other things she was the SEI project leader of the European Commission funded Urban Lifestyles, Sustainability and Integrated Environmental Assessment (ULYSSES) project (4th framework programme) as well as the Methods and Tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment (Matisse) project (6th framework programme).

    Ongoing research focuses on stakeholder participation, collaboration and learning in the context of climate change adaptation in Sweden. Swartling currently leads the programme component “Regional Adaptation Processes” and serves on the management group of the Mistra-SWECIA programme on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation (2008-2015). Other research projects focus on community resilience and learning in the context of disaster risks, including the emBRACE and WASH-RESCUE projects. She was Contributing Author of Global Environment Outlook 5 report, Working Group 4 chapter on Europe (2011-2012) and serves on the Advisory Board of the Brock University Environmental Sustainability Research Unit (ESRC), Ontario, Canada (2011 - present). As from 2014, Swartling is the SEI representative of the Swedish government-led programme council for the development of the Swedish National Forest Programme that will be in place beyond 2016.

    Swartling holds a PhD in Sociology from University of York, UK. Her doctoral thesis (2002, PhD awarded after parental leave July 2003) explored the role of local expertise and potentials for involvement of citizens in technical matters of sustainable development policy in Sweden and the UK. Her research interests and experience include both developing and developed countries. Funders and clients include the European Commission, Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, Swedish Civil Contingencies Services, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Research Council.


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