Sif Johansson

Sif Johansson

Mobile: +46 73 029 6507

Title: Senior Project Manager

Role: Director, EviEM

Centre: Stockholm

    Sif Johansson is a Senior Project Manager at SEI Stockholm. She works with the MISTRA EviEM project on evidence synthesis in environmental management.

    Sif Johansson has been the Director of Mistra EviEM since the start 2012. The aim of EviEM is to provide environmental stakeholders with a scientific basis for decisions and policies.

    Sif has been engaged in the interface between science and policy most of her working life. At the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency she held a position as senior scientific officer, managing research programs financed by the agency. She contributed to the Swedish EPA’s marine policy, e.g. in the Helsinki Commission and the EU Water Framework Directive, due to her background as a Baltic Sea scientist, with a PhD in aquatic ecology from Stockholm University.
    For two years she worked as a senior scientific officer at DG Environment in Brussels, focusing on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. EviEM is the second Mistra-financed program where she has served as Director. The first one included Marine Research on Eutrophication, a scientific base for cost-effective measures for the Baltic Sea (MARE). The program ended in 2006 but has continued through the Baltic Nest Institute.


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