Stephen Shaw

Stephen Shaw

Title: SEI Associate

Role: Affiliated with SEI York

Expertise: management and marketing of transport, travel and tourism destinations.

Centre: SEI Associates

    Stephen Shaw is an SEI Associate at SEI York.

    Stephen is a Reader in Buisness and Management at the Centre for Research in Creative Industries at London Metropliatn University. His expertise includes the management and marketing of transport, travel and tourism destinations.

    He has published a wide range of papers, which in recent years have focused on sustainable transport and urban regeneration, especially initiatives in disadvantaged areas that capitalise on the social, economic and environmental benefits of cultural tourism for local residents and small businesses. He was principal and co-investigator for three major UK Research Council funded consortia under the Sustainable Urban Environments Programme (SUE Transport and Urban Design) 2003-10.

    Since 2011, he has been principal investigator for an EU RDF funded initiative (Interreg lVB) on the adaptation of city-regions to zero emission vehicles. Under the auspices of the British Association of Canadian Studies, he chaired the Canada-UK Cities Group 2008-11, and the Cultural Tourism Committee of ICOMOS UK (UNESCO World Heritage) 2011-13. 


    BA (Hons) Tourism amd Travel Management 


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