Valentino Marini Govigli

Valentino Marini Govigli

Title: SEI Associate

Role: Affiliated with SEI York

Expertise: Cost and benefit analysis of urban natural resources, analysis of complex socio-ecological systems, economic and social evaluation of forest services

Centre: SEI Associates

    Valentino Marini Govigli is an SEI Associate, affiliated with SEI in York.

    Valentino's research focuses on understanding the complex relation of socio-ecological system with a specific focus on sacred forests of Northern Greece. Within SEI he collaborated on the creation and implementation of low-carbon, water and waste development strategies at local scale economy. He developed, together with the University of Bologna (Italy), an extension of the Mini-Stern Review applied to the water management sector. Currently he is trying to extend his knowledge of natural resources and cultural landscapes to identify new and innovative green businesses in Mediterranean rural areas.

    Valentino holds an MREs in Ecology and Environmental Management and has been affiliated to SEI York since 2016. Before that, he collaborated with SEI York and the Green ECOnomy research group, where he focused on  the research and implementation of city smart initiatives related to urban resilience, sustainability and natural resources efficiency.

    He is a PhD Student at the University of Ioannina, with research title: ”Modelling socio-ecological interactions of sacred forests in Northern Greece”. Currently, he is also junior researcher at European Forest Institute, Mediterranean Regional Office (EFIMED), where he is involved on assessing and facilitating Mediterranean innovative and social inclusive business models in the forestry sector.