Cleo  Verkuijl

Cleo Verkuijl

Title: Research Fellow

Expertise: Climate Change Law and Policy

Centre: Oxford

    Cleo Verkuijl is a Research Fellow at SEI Oxford and her main expertise is on climate change law and policy.

    Cleo joined the SEI Oxford office in March 2017, where she is concentrating on legal and political aspects of fossil fuel subsidies reform.

    She has previously worked on the interface of climate law and policy for a range of research, inter- and non-governmental organisations, including as policy officer at Climate Action Network International, as climate law tutor at the University of Edinburgh, and as trainee with the European Commission’s climate negotiations task force.

    As team leader and writer for the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin, Cleo has tracked the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, the UN Environment Assembly, the Montreal Protocol, and the UN Forum on Forests, among other processes.

    She is also a regular contributor to Environmental Policy and Law journal’s coverage of UN negotiations, and has engaged in sustainable development advocacy as a consultant for UN Environment in Brussels.

    Cleo has lived, worked or studied in the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Canada, the UK, and Belgium. She holds a B.A. in International Relations and Law from Amsterdam University College and an LL.M in Global Environment and Climate Law from the University of Edinburgh. She is in the process of completing a postgraduate certificate in International Development and Africa.


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