Filippa Ek

Filippa Ek

Mobile: +46 76 137 1920

Title: Research Associate

Centre: Stockholm

    Filippa Ek is a Research Associate at SEI Stockholm. She works with the projects BONUS RETURN, CoCliME and Mistra EviEM.

    She has been working with Mistra EviEM on SEI since March 2017 with systematic reviewing and mainly working for the projects SR7 (Fish recruitments) and SR16 (Crop rotation and soil carbon).

    Since January 2018 she is also working for BONUS Return and is focusing on wastewater-mapping and using the systematic reviewing in her work. Parallel with those projects she is also involved in CoCliME with the focus on harmful algae blooms in the Baltic Sea and Skagerrak and how it is affected by climate changing.

    Filippa graduated at Stockholm University of Marine Biology in 2015. Her MSc thesis focused on the effect of boating activities and berths on macrobenthos in shallow Baltic Sea bays. Her BSc thesis (2013) focused on lobster fishing and the risk of import of American lobster in European water. She has a broad knowledge in Biology and is specialized in Marine Biology. She has earlier worked as research and project associate at Stockholm University and Baltic Sea Centre and practiced as water- and fish conservationist at Uppland Foundation.