Clemens Grünbühel

Clemens Grünbühel

Title: Senior Research Fellow

Centre: Asia

    Clemens Grünbühel is a Senior Policy Expert at SEI in Asia. He joined SEI in September 2017.

    Clemens Grünbühel holds a Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Vienna. He has 20 years of expertise in sustainable resource use, climate adaptation, and social development. His expertise includes participatory rural and community development, social impact assessment, institutional analysis and scenario building and has been the team leader of over 10 projects as well as the technical advisor to over 30 projects.

    Clemens has partnered with major international and research and development organisations, including UNDP, CSIRO, DFAT, ACIAR, SDC and the European Commission, with most of his work conducted in the Mekong Region.

    Clemens has been able to engage in policy development and resource use planning in such diverse areas as Regional Victoria (AUS), the Mekong Delta and rural Laos, where he has worked with municipal authorities, national and subnational stakeholders, as well as residents. His publications span a diverse array of topics, such as climate adaptation, decision analysis, sustainable livelihoods and material flow analysis.

    Prior to joining SEI, Clemens was a faculty member at the School of Environment, Resources and Development of the Asian Institute of Technology, supervising students and conducting research in the field of Natural Resources Management. Before that, he held various positions at the CSIRO (Australia), the Mekong Institute (Thailand), and the Universities of Klagenfurt and Vienna (Austria). He is currently a visiting professor at the University of Vienna.