Joel  Clement

Joel Clement

Role: Associated with SEI Stockholm

Centre: SEI Associates

    Joel Clement is an SEI Associate, affiliated with SEI Stockholm.

    Joel is a science and policy expert with a background in resilience and climate adaptation, landscape-scale conservation and management, Arctic social-ecological systems, and biodiversity studies.As Director of the Department of the Interior’s Policy Office he led a talented team of policy analysts and economists, provided advice and analysis for White House leadership and two Interior Secretaries, and was appointed as the Department of the Interior’s principal to the US Global Change Research Program.

    On behalf of the US Government and in collaboration with the Swedish Government and Johan Rockstrom of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, he co-chaired the Arctic Council’s groundbreaking Arctic Resilience Report. Joel was awarded The Joe A. Callaway Award for Civic Courage in September, 2017.

    Before serving in the federal Government, Joel was the Conservation Science Program Officer for a private foundation in Seattle where he focused on climate change adaptation strategies, landscape-scale conservation, and improving geospatial data-sharing capacity in the North American West.

    Prior to his career in philanthropy, Joel spent a decade as a field biologist, developing and contributing to research and conservation science programs in temperate and tropical ecosystems around the world. Throughout his career, Joel has remained focused on the critical need to bridge gaps between science and policy.