Mischa  Andrews

Mischa Andrews


Mobile: +46 73 460 4834

Title: Web Editor

Centre: Stockholm

    Mischa Andrews joined SEI Stockholm in December 2017 as Web Editor and she is part of the Stockholm communications team.

    Mischa studied broadly across science and the humanities and has worked professionally with the web for almost a decade.

    Prior to joining SEI she was a consulting web developer, designer and user researcher for major companies in Sweden and Australia. She has also been a web advisor, producer, writer and publisher for government and non-profit organisations.

    Although she works as a generalist, Mischa’s passion is improving websites and content from the user's perspective. She achieves this with user testing, platform improvements, staff training, and the creation and curation of content in various formats. She is especially interested in making sure the web is accessible for disabled people.

    Mischa has two bachelor degrees from the Australian National University—a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in computer science and psychology.