Karthikeyan  Matheswaran

Karthikeyan Matheswaran


Title: Research Fellow

Expertise: Flood hazard modelling, remote sensing based drought monitoring and forecasting, surface water-groundwater interactions

Centre: Asia

    Karthikeyan Matheswaran is a Research Fellow at SEI Asia. He joined SEI in January 2018.

    Karthikeyan has extensive experience in the field of flood hazard modelling, remote sensing based drought monitoring and forecasting, and surface water-groundwater interactions.

    Prior to joining SEI, Karthikeyan worked with the International Water Management Institute as a postdoctoral fellow in Water Risks and Disaster projects spanning Asia and Africa. He has worked previously for Atkins India Pvt. Ltd. as a wastewater modeler in Bangalore, India. 

    His research interests lie in utilizing a wide array of model and geo-informatic tools for assessing the past, present and future state of water resources to provide a knowledge base to plan for increasing resilience of vulnerable communities to climate-induced water related risks.

    His wide areas of work and expertise include applying hydrologic and hydraulic model tools, and remote sensing for applied research projects which includes flood hazard modelling for index insurance, drought monitoring and forecasting, rapid emergency response, salinity modelling in Aral Sea basin, groundwater-surface water interactions, stable isotopes for tracing spring recharge areas in Nepal, stream temperature monitoring and modelling and urban wastewater network modelling.

    Karthi has a Ph.D. in Physical Geography from the Roskilde University, Denmark.