About SEI-US


SEI-US is a nonprofit research organization with 501c(3) status in the United States, and a research affiliate of Tufts University in Massachusetts. Its main office is on the Tufts campus in Somerville, MA; it also has offices in Davis, CA, and Seattle, WA.

The U.S. Center’s work is interdisciplinary in nature: drawing upon engineering, economics, ecology, ethics, operations research, international relations and software design. It conducts applied scientific research: bringing the best available science to policy-makers.

In addition to providing policy-relevant analyses, the centre builds capacity in the developing world for integrated sustainability planning through training and collaboration on projects. The centre’s decision support tools are widely used, particularly LEAP (the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system) and WEAP (the Water Evaluation and Planning system).

Most recently, SEI-US and EcoEquity released the Climate Equity Reference Calculator, which allows users to evaluate how the effort required to mitigate climate change would be allocated based on different definitions of equity.

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