Securing Water, Energy, Sanitation and Livelihoods through Consensus

SEI - Securing Water, Energy, Sanitation and Livelihoods through Consensus
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This playlist features 9 videos from a seminar held at World Water Week in Stockholm (August, 2014).

The seminar examined the Community Health Club (CHC) Model, a methodology for achieving fully functional communities enabling villagers to manage their own health and development initiatives in a sustainable integrated way. This is achieved by establishing voluntary village structures known as Community Health Clubs (CHCs) as a vehicle for development, enabling villagers to transit through four phases: firstly by using health education & hygiene promotion as an entry point, leading to self-supply of sanitation and safe solid waste disposal, protecting water resources and the environment, and finally to sustainable livelihoods through ‘Food, Agriculture and Nutrition’ (FAN) programme.

The seminar provided a unique opportunity to understand the social psychology of the CHC Model as well as hearing first-hand examples drawn from case studies in Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Uganda, with similar examples of community led approaches in Kenya and Benin. It was an opportunity for discussion and debate as to whether the CHC Model is replicable at scale in other developing countries as we seek practical ways to ‘Fight poverty post 2015 by securing access to energy, food and water’. 

Participants also discussed whether the CHC Model is replicable at scale in other developing countries.


Videos (click image/presenter title to watch in Youtube) 

alt Dr. Arno Rosemarin, SEI for Dr. Fidele Ngabo, Ministry of Health, Rwanda
Duration: 19:20


alt Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn, CEO, Africa AHEAD
“I am Not Nothing Now” - How Community Health Clubs Empower Women
Duration: 28:39



Anthony Waterkeyn, Chairman, Zimbabwe AHEAD
The 5x5 Strategy: Scaling up Community Health Clubs
Duration: 19:43


alt Lisa Nash, Director, Blue Planet Network
Sharing the Power of Community Health Clubs
Duration: 14:05


alt Dr. (cand) Nelson Ekane, Stockholm Environment Institute
Community-based Sanitation Programs in Burera District, Rwanda
Duration: 22:24

alt Dr. Caroline Ochieng, Stockholm Environment Institute
Feasibility and Sustainability of Financial Incentives for Health in a Kenyan Community
Duration: 15:13


alt George de Gooijer, Embassy of the Netherlands, Benin
Community Sanitation and Hygiene in Benin
Duration: 16:27

alt Discussion Chaired by Dr. Arno Rosemarin, SEI

Duration: 32:25

Credit: SEI
Length: 9 videos(3hrs, 13mins)
Language: English