Welcome to the Anthropocene

SEI-Video-WelcomeToTheAnthropocene-Vimeo39048998-140x70 A 3-minute journey through the last 250 years of our history, from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the Rio+20 Summit. The film charts the growth of humanity into a global force on an equivalent scale to major geological processes.

When the Flood came

SEI-Video-WhenTheFloodCame-Vimeo-38627031 'When the Flood came' is a short extract from an ongoing audiovisual research project on the flooding events in the floodplain of lower Chao Phraya in 2011 CE (2554 Buddhist calendar).

Analyzing Resilience in the Arctic

SEI-Video-AnalyzingResilienceInTheArctic-H_azaj5W-24 Annika E. Nilsson talks about resilience in the Arctic.

Meet Johan Rockström - Commission of the Future (Framtidskommissionen)

SEI-Video-JohanRockstromFramtidskommissionen Interview with Johan Rockström on Sweden's Commision on the Future (Framtidskommissionen)

Global Food Security: Biophysical and Social Limits and Opportunities - Part 2

SEI-Video-GlobalFoodSecurity-Part2-Uq2AH9QKqAQ Jonathan Foley from the University of Minnesota gives a keynote talk on Solutions for a Cultivated Planet.

Global Food Security: Biophysical and Social Limits and Opportunities - Part 1

SEI-Video-GlobalFoodSecurity-Part1-fvA8LgjJRPY Presentation of the Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth Systems Science by Dan Wilhelmsson, SSEESS/KVA. With an introduction from Lennart Olsson, chairman of the National Committee for Geography of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Sustainable Energy for All Europe Roll-Out - Brussels, Belgium

SEI-Video-SustainableEnergyForAllEuropeRollOut-o5jJ2cHkhJw Watch video from the Sustainable Energy for All Roll-Out in Brussels on 8 February 2012.

Talking Green Economy: Johan Rockström

SEI-Videos-TalkingGreenEconomyWithJohanRockstrom-YouTube-Je2y-GEtCmU-70x140.bmp Johan Rockström, lead scientist behind planetary boundaries explores the links between our global environment and a new economic paradigm.

Reducing climate risk

SEI-Video-RichardKlein-RespondingToClimateChange-Vimeo-32897843-140x70 Interview with Professor Richard Klein, Senior Research Fellow and Theme Leader of Reducing Climate Risk, in the RTCC studio at the beginning of the UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP17) in Durban, South Africa.

The value of water will determine the future

SEI-Video-TheValueOfWaterWillDetermineTheFuture-YouTube-SxPKREo_mD4-140x70 Interview with Johan Kuylenstierna on the importance of determing the true value of water. (In Swedish "Vattens värde avgör framtiden")

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